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"Ats all right Jimmie"...


Many of us will recall this picture appearing in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph
newspaper every Christmas for well over fifty years. Look for it in Yr. 2002.

This feature is from December 24, 1990 BDT.

Dateline: Dec. 3, 1972

"Daily Telegraph launches 55th Christmas Tree Drive."  That would indicate that this "Little Jimmie" photo tradition began in 1917. Each December the Bluefield Daily Telegraph would launch what they called their Christmas Tree Drive.  The purpose of this Drive was to collect contributions to provide Christmas gifts for the under priviledged; children in the area that would otherwise not have a Christmas. 

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph would begin this Drive each year with a picture of "Little Jimmie"printed on the front page of their newspaper. Every December when the "Little Jimmie" picture would appear on the front page of the newspaper, it would deeply effect my brother, sister and me.  We felt such deep compassion for  poor"Little Jimmie",  and his sister that was trying to comfort him in the picture.  Our Dad would observe the concern and heart broken expression on each of our faces as we stared at that picture with tears in our eyes.We wanted  "Little Jimmie"  to have a Christmas,  but we didn't know how we could help,  since we were only children ourselves.   After seeing how deeply effected we were by this picture, our Dad would immediately phone in a pledge.

Author: Anonymous - Memories of "Little Jimmie".

Contributor: Julia Robson Grainger '59, affectionately known from Bramwell High School days as "Punky".  She is married to Calvin Whittaker '54.

Author/Editor: William A. Petty............. .Text Editor: Ward L. Cole
"Happy Holidays from the Historic Bramwell Staff."