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Copper Canyon excursion photographs for - 24 May to 31 May 2001.

Pages are "Graphic Intense" and may require extra download time.

Index File:

View when traveling to Gallego Outlook.

Copper Canyon View At Posada Mirador Hotel

Another Copper Canyon view at Posada Mirador Hotel

Arizona Train Car

Views of Posada Mirador Hotel On Rim Of Copper Canyon

Sierra Madre Express Train Master

Sierra Madre Express Tour Guides - Ann & Jim Moline

Sierra Madre tour at Magdalena, Mexico on 25 May 2001.

Gene Curts and a Beautiful Tarahumara Indian Child

Sierre Madre Express Waiter in Arizona Train Car

Fred and Fran Masciangaleo at Gallego Outlook

View at the Tarahumara store on the way to Gallego Outlook

Ben and Judy Strong at the Posada Mirador Hotel

Preparing lunch at the Tarahumara Boarding School

Students at the Tarahumara Boarding School

Catholic Nuns in charge of the Tarahumara Boarding School

A view of Cerocahui, Mexico

Tarahumara Basket Selling

Sierra Madre Express at Bahuichivo Train Depot.

Posada Hotel Lobby.

Tour Guide at Creel - Pedro Palma

San Xavier Mission

Mission Church at Magdalena, Mexico

Tarahumara Indian Basket Store

Tarahumara Music Man

Tarahumara Widow Grandmother

Tarahumara Lady washing clothes at cliff dwelling

Lobby in Mission Hotel in Cerocahui, Mexico

A view from the Gallego Outlook.

Another view from the Gallego Outlook.

A local store in the old Tarahumara village of Cusarare, Mexico.

A restaurant in the old Tarahumara village of Cusarare, Mexico.

Posada Mirador Hotel entertainer/guide

Mission Church in Cerocahui, Mexico

Bill and Reva Petty at the Posada Mirador Hotel

Writer Scott Thybony at the Taramhumara village of Cusarare, Mexico

Boarding the Sierra Madre Express at Creel, Mexico

Taramhumara Indian Children

Note: The Mission School's New Site is a Must See!

For information on the Copper Canyon via the Sierra Madre Express visit:

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